In the latest offering from Chris Kirtley, we meet Brother Leo himself as a washed up Jesus Christ in the modern age, complete with romance, pizza, wine and everything else you’d expect from the messiah himself.


Realise your vision with Sohonet

Dirty Films are thrilled to share our latest work, directed by Jack Bowden for Sohonet and The Croc, the Emmy Winning software that offers tech solutions and collaboration tools behind some of the world’s biggest productions in film, TV and advertising.


Climbing To The Moon With Maxïmo Park

Maxïmo Park’s new track ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Doing’ is the band at their most direct and agile – arriving in a revved-up and snaking flurry it confronts the fear, anxiety and guilt associated with the cause-and-effect nature of one’s own actions.


Yusuf / Cat Stevens reminds us that it’s still a Wild World

Drawing inspiration from the 1942 classic movie Casablanca, director Effie Pappa takes us into a dreamy 1940’s world as Yusuf’s stunning rendition of his own 1970’s track guides our thoughts towards hope and the belief in better.


Youth Hymns Go The Extra Mile

Dirty’s Youth Hymns demonstrate their creative versatility with this colourful new campaign for Sainsbury’s Click and Collect.


Dirty welcomes talented young director Magellan to the family

Dirty is delighted to announce the arrival of Magellan Rubin to our select roster.

Having spent his formative years in Boulder Colorado, Magellan now resides in LA and has a passion for telling emotionally charged stories that are visually distinctive, leading audiences into visceral worlds with his characteristic ‘Gritty Sheen’ style.