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Human. Creative. Director. From Iran. Her plan to get into human rights flopped. So she worked as a receptionist, a call centre pest, and a tailor’s assistant, then she stumbled into advertising.

Since then it’s been pretty sweet, last year she’s featured in Campaign magazine as one of the ‘Next leaders of British Commercial Creativity’.

And she’s made commercials for the likes of Mother, JWT & Karmarama, and she’s also been directing weird short films.

Her aim moving forward is to combine her love of odd beauty with her passion for non-western narratives.

Preview image for a video called Puppy Love directed by Neda for

Puppy Love

Preview image for a video called Bad Kitty directed by Neda for

Bad Kitty

Preview image for a video called Beer Baby ‘Teaser’ directed by Neda for

Beer Baby ‘Teaser’