Preview image for a video called All Four Walls directed by Daniel Brereton for Gorgon City ft Vaults

All Four Walls (ft Vaults)

Director Daniel Brereton captures the sense of being a teenager in this promo for Gorgon City’s ‘All Four Walls’.


“The song had a real spirit of wanting to break free for me, and so I tried to work in this emotional space for the video. The “Four Walls” in the title of the song are represented by the restrictions placed upon a young person growing up….you get these one-off nights, where you are let loose and experience all these new things for the first time, those nights are the ones that stay with you.”

Film Production: Dirty Films
Director: Daniel Brereton
Producer: Rohan Scully
Executive Producer: Ben Parkin / Alex Bedford
Cinematography: Rina Yang
Editor: Tom Chick
Colourist: Russell Rowe
Sound Designer: Matt Waites
Actor: Nader Chaudry (Lead Boy) / Fabienne Piolini (Lead Girl)