Preview image for a video called Safer Drugs for Alzheimer’s directed by Amitay Leopold for EPSRC

EPSRC ‘Safer Drugs for Alzheimer’s’

“Safer Drug for Alzheimer’s” is an animated short film, directed by Amitay Leopold through Dirty Films; providing a short introduction to some of the problems associated with treatments for agitation and psychosis in dementia.

The key focus of the project was to broadly outline of what is being done to better understand why some treatments are more harmful than others, providing an introduction to the study to the field.

The project was commissioned directly by Dr. Byron Creese at Exeter University, who is focusing on the genetic basis of neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. He is focusing on several important studies evaluating the effectiveness of various interventions for neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia.

Speaking of his time on the project, Amitay said, “this project was out of my comfort zone, which I love to get out of. I needed to bridge between the scientific nature of it together with my associative storytelling and freehand style.

I managed to marry all of them together in a way that I feel made this hard spoken subject into an informative accessible and easy playful film.

This made possible by creating non-offensive and even ‘cute’ visual metaphors for the script, making it easy to consume by the audience.”


Client: EPSRC & University of Exeter 

Researcher: Dr. Byron Creese

Design and Animation: Amitay Leopold

Voice Over: Sarah Long

Sound Design: Francesco Ringnese

Creative Development & Production: Dirty Films