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Preview image for a video called Buyers Remorse directed by DYNO for Capterra

Directing duo DYNO collab with Dirty Films on 3D animated campaign for Capterra: “Don’t Search, Find”

Capterra announces their services to a global audience in a recently released online 3D animated film campaign “Don’t Search, Find”. 

“Short List” and “Buyers Remorse” are the two hero 30s films with a clear message: choose Capterra to help accelerate business productivity, and avoid wasting valuable time and financial resources searching for software online. Through polished 3D animation, the campaign visually and fluidly illustrates how Capterra provides valuable solutions for individuals and businesses alike, drawing on data and insights generated from millions of current users.

LA-based directing duo DYNO collaborated with Dirty Films’ London and NYC design, animation, and production team across a 6-week turnaround from concept to delivery. Combining Brian Vincent Rhodes’ skills in story (with extensive experience as a feature film storyboard artist at Disney and Blue Sky) and Izzy’s experience as art director and compositor, Capterra is the launch of DYNO’s short-form collaboration.

From directors DYNO: It was a wonderful experience bringing the Capterra story to life. With such a rich history and usefulness in the industry, we took on the task of relaying the frustration of searching for software with some of the key features Capterra presents. From our narrative training, we thought of the spots in three acts and wanted to make it as cinematic as possible. With DIRTY FILM’s incredible and flexible collaboration, we built two hero 30s spots plus cutdowns (six spots in total) on a tight timeline of a little over a month.  We all feel very proud of what we came up with. 

Brian Vincent Rhodes is currently co-directing, alongside composer Christopher Lennertz, a 3D musical short PACEMAKER with Dirty Films. Long-time collaborator and Capterra co-director Izzy Art directs. Alongside Capterra, Pacemaker will be one of a number of excellent animation film projects to emerge from Dirty Films this summer in 3D and stop frame animation.



Client: Capterra

Creative Parent Organisation: Gartner

Campaign: Don’t Search, Find

Capterra GVP of Brand Portfolio & Marketing: Claire Alexander

Gartner Creative Director: Ladon Roeder

Gartner Vice President of Brand: Michael Craig 

Gartner Senior Brand Director: Zev Kanter 

Agency Producer: Capella Fahoome

Production Company: Dirty Films 

Directors: DYNO (Brian Vincent Rhodes & Eseraele “Izzy” Teklemariam)

Executive Producers: Ben Parkin & Alex Bedford 

Producer: James Fuller 

Producer: Ellis Fox 

Production Manager: Barbara Robertson

Associate Producer: Jeremy Lyman 

Storyboard Artist: Brian Vincent Rhodes

Storyboard Artist: Lison Desfeux

Art Direction Concepting: Eseraele “Izzy” Teklemariam

Visual Development Designer & Artist: Jeremy Walker & Jon Omar

Animators: Jeremy Walker & Jon Omar 

Offline & Online Editor: Miguel Magalhaes 

Cutdown Editor: Leo Stamps 

Sound Design: 750mph 

Sound Designer/Mixer: Michalis Anthis

Audio Producer: Caroline Jemirifo

Music: Imogen Reay @ Twenty Below

VO Talent: Elliot Kuhn (Voicecaster)