Preview image for a video called Mean Tweets directed by Richard Pengelley for Carlsberg

Carlsberg embrace mean tweets, as they pursue a better brew

The new social media campaign for Carlsberg directed by Richard Pengelley through Dirty Films has been launched, serving up the “mean tweets” the brand has received about its beer. Danish brewing big boys Carlsberg trawled Twitter to find the best of the worst tweets about its well-known lager, including one tweet which said it tasted like the ‘bathwater your nan died in’.

The full television ad will first air on May 23 but prior to that Carlsberg has embraced the ridicule of its original recipe faces by posting critical reviews of the drink from social media users. The advert has received very positive reviews since the launch, receiving 5 stars on The Drum, amassing 6m+ views within one week and appearing across social and industry media, including glorious representation in the Daily Mail.

Director Richard Pengelley said of the campaign:

“It was a great campaign to be a part of, the idea was simple but the whole premise depended on truthful and candid reactions so it was carefully planned and orchestrated in a way that we could capture them in a relaxed way. We recced, met the employees, picked our shots, planned minimal lighting with DOP Olly Wiggins, then kept quiet and rolled. We wanted it to feel super informal and fun, even though it was a fully operational working brewery.”

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