Carrera ‘Carmen Jordan’ directed by Federico Mazzarisi

Fed’s new film is out. We’ve wanted to share this one for ages and ages. And finally, we can. It’s always the same with Fed’s films.

Carmen Jordan stars in this one. She talks about being unconventional. She tells her story about being a racing driver. What it’s like to be a woman in the sport. About the thrill of racing. About what it means to follow her own direction. About the courage and determination needed to win.

Listen closely to the sound. It’s very well done. It’s raw and emotional. Just like the polished pictures. We like it a lot. Well done Fed. There’s more where that came from. Get in touch to see more.

Agency – FCB Milan

Chief Creative – Francesco Bozza

CD – Masssimo Verrone

Director – Federico Mazzarisi

Director of Photography – Michele Brandstetter

Music and Sound Fx – Smider Noise