Preview image for a video called Colophon Foundry directed by Ben Parkin for AllCreative

Dirty and All Creative presents Colophon Foundry documentary short

In collaboration with educational learning platform All: Creative, Dirty Films are proud to present to you a documentary featuring typographic superstars Colophon Foundry.

The short documentary illustrates the everyday importance, intricacy and craft that goes into good typography, and helps informs the younger creatives how one can find a path to the world of working in typography.

The typographers leading us through their knowledge are Colophon-founders Ed Harrington and Anthony Sherret. Together, they highlight the tiny details of typography, emphasising how typography is like a language in itself capable of eliciting a range of different emotions.

This short 6-minute documentary is lively, witty and has the capacity to engage a plethora of different people, much as the way Ed and Anthony can make fonts which are aesthetically pleasing for just about anyone.

About All Creative

All Creative is a personal project brought to you from the mind of Paul Brazier, CCO and Chairman of AMV BBDO.

Let’s be honest, dear reader…. Starting a career in a creative industry is a difficult prospect. AllCreative is a personal and un-funded project that attempts to help the next generation of creatives get a step closer to their creative career.

AllCreative aims to shine a light on the many niches that exist inside the kennel of the creative industry. By doing so it can inspire a new generation of potential creatives, after all, how are people going to find their niche if they don’t even know it exists?

AllCreative is all encompassing; it wishes to inspire anyone with a creative ambition. The reality is, there is a specialist area for everyone and anyone, that maths degree and knowledge of Pythagoras may eventually help you in a career designing fonts?

AllCreative ensures people have the information and tools to find a creative home for the skills they possess.

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Title: AllCreative: Colophon Foundry
Directed and Produced by Dirty (Ben Parkin & Alex Bedford)
Cinematographer: Felix Schmilinsky
B Camera: Phil Cooper
Edited by Charlie Morteon and Ben Corfield
Colourist: Scott Haris @ Unit Media
Audio Mix: Unit Media
Special Thanks: Take 2 Film Services