Preview image for a video called Album 6 directed by Christopher Hill for Cut Copy

Christopher Hill directs a short doco for Australian band Cut Copy

Dirty’s Christopher Hill directs ‘Album 6’, an intimate short documentary for Australian band Cut Copy to celebrate the launch of their the new album ‘Freeze, Melt’. During its 11 minutes, the doco reveals the work behind the new release and gives a very personal take on the life of the synth-pop band.

“Having known the band personally since they started, I was really interested to see where they had gone creatively this time and the reasons why. After listening to the album and talking to Dan I was impressed with the more minimal, emotionally introspective songs and the more experimental approach. ‘Freeze, Melt’ is a very conceptually mature and sonically confident album for Cut Copy. Strangely, it’s very fitting for these times.” – Christopher Hill.