Preview image for a video called Be Scrumptious directed by Dax Martinez-Vargas for Dairy

Dax Martinez-Vargas whips up comedy gold for Dairy UK campaign

Brave, Arthur and Martha and Dirty Films proudly present a collection of humorous short films for the Department of Dairy-related Scrumptious Affairs to highlight the importance of dairy in our diet.

In these 3 x15” online films, we are introduced to Mr. Scrumptious, who leads us through a series of blissful domestic moments – whipping up some creamy Dairy goodness as he goes.

You may spot a celebrity appearance in there too. The eagle-eyed viewer will recognize a bow-tie wearing Crookshanks (from Harry Potter fame) showing support for all things scrumptiousness.

As an Ambassador of Comedy-related Goodness, director Dax Martinez-Vargas continues…

“Scrumptious” doesn’t even begin to describe the pleasure that it was working with the comically astute Brave agency, the charmingly fun Dairy UK, the resourcefully amazing Dirty Films, the dashingly unpredictable Alexander Ellis, the lovely and warm supporting actors, the fuzzily fun pets, and the hard working and supportive crew. “Scrumptiousest” would be more on the money.”

Creative Agency: Brave
Business Director: Claire Knowles
Creative Director: Liam Fenton
Creatives: Sam Laub & Clem Woodward
Producer: Amber Clayton @ Arthur and Martha
Production Assistant: Emma Eaton @ Arthur and Martha

Production Company: Dirty Films
Director: Dax Martinez-Vargas
Executive Producers: Alex Bedford / Ben Parkin
Producer: Rosa Junkovic
Production Co-Ordinator: Kristina Epenetos

Offline Editor: Phil Currie @ Stitch
Grade: Simona Cristea @ Coffee & TV Online: Coffee & TV
Audio: Jack Hallett @ Factory