Preview image for a video called Glory directed by Daniel Brereton for Bastille

Dirty’s Daniel Brereton takes Bastille on a trip down memory lane

Dirty director Daniel Brereton takes us on a nostalgic and surreal road trip across the dusty Dallas landscape for Bastille’s latest music video ‘Glory’.

The video is about storytelling, and how the telling of them can influence how we remember them. Shot by Adam Kimmel (‘Never Let Me Go’, ‘Capote’,‘Lars and the Real Girl’), the film follows the fractured memories of two carefree friends (starring Dan Smith from the band) as they recount their version of events on a epic, no-holds barred road trip across America,prompting the viewer to ask questions about what it is they think they remember seeing in the video.

A note from Dirty’s Daniel Brereton:

“The video is about misremembering things in the past, how people can see things completely differently, and how nostalgia can help shape the truth. Dan from the band wanted it to feel like those middle of the night conversations
you have with friends.

It has a bit of ambiguity to it, as l like to leave room for interpretation – someone pointed me to the wild conspiracy theories some of the Bastille fans have already written about the video…which is itself what the video is about”.

Director: Daniel Brereton
Production Company: Dirty Films
Executive Producer: Ben Parkin & Alex Bedford
Producer: Mike Carr
Production Assistant: Kristina Epenetos
Service Producer: Van Folger
DP: Adam Kimmel
Offline editor: Ellie Johnson @ Speade
Archive editor: Joanna Apps
Post production company: Lucky Cat
Post production producers: Lauren Skelton
Flame Operator: Vicki Gordon
Colourist: Jack McGinity @ Time Based Arts
Sound Design: Spesh Maloney
Cast: May Daniels and Dan Smith