Preview image for a video called Free Hifi Internet directed by Daniel Brereton for Emmanuelle / Soulwax

Emmanuelle ‘Free Hifi Internet’ by Daniel Brereton

There was a time when young guys were content merely to lounge around their bedrooms in a fug of old socks and crisp crumbs. No more. Welcome to the 21st century male; flexing his pecs in the mirror, checking out his tatts and posting his poses on Instagram.

At least, that’s what Daniel Brereton’s terrific promo for Emmanuelle’s new track ‘Free HiFi Internet’ would have us believe.

While the Soulwax protégé sings about the sheer dullness of her companion (“If you’re leaving, I’m staying”), Brereton gives us a portrait of male youth as totally and shallowly self-involved; influenced by the media’s relentless scrutiny of so-called celebrities whose success appears to be predicated on the state of their guns and buns alone.

We love the sheer banality of the bedrooms – that much hasn’t changed. UPVC windows, cluttered wardrobes and general detritus ranging from crappy trophies to bog rolls set the scene: you can feel mums hovering in the background to collect the laundry while their sons dream of footballer-level greatness and their pick of the chicks.

But Emmanuelle reminds us that relying on a sculpted torso isn’t enough to make a man scintillating – she’d rather be in her own bedroom, alone and listening to music, than trying to look interested in how much whey powder a guy has downed in order to get the perfect a six pack.

DAVID REVIEWS, 8th December 2015

THUMP have got an exclusive look at the track’s video and it’s a real treat. It’s a total bro-down, featuring guys we can only assume are exactly the people Emmanuelle herself would rather be at home on the internet than spending time with. That being said, there are also some great work out tips in there, so maybe it’s not all bad.

THUMP Magazine, written by Angus Harrison, 2nd December 2015.

Director: Daniel Brereton
Executive Producer: Alex Bedford & Ben Parkin
Producer: Alessandro Wingfield
DP: James Blann
Editor: Tom Chick