Preview image for a video called Go Your Own Way directed by Andrea Barone for Etihad

Go Your Own Way with the latest commercial for Eithad, directed by Andrea Barone

The latest commercial for Eithad, directed by Andrea Barone, showcasing the excellent features in Economy. Thanks to the high flying team below!

Director Andrea Barone said of the project:

“Right from the moment we’ve got our hands on this project we knew it would have been a challenging gig due to the film’s schedule and its fast turnaround requirements; only thanks to a fantastic menage-a-trois production: Filmmaster, Dirty Films and agency Perfect Storm, we’ve successfully managed to bring this from conceptualisation to reality in less than three weeks. The brief required a strong creative vision, commitment and quick decision making along the way and I’m glad that the final result still looks slick and refined as visualised only a few days ago!”


Production Company: Dirty and Filmmaster Productions

Executive Producers: Alex Bedford and Ben Parkin

Producer: Mike Carr

Agency: BBD Perfect Storm

Director: Andrea Barone

Production coordinator: Edvin Dubrovskiy

Production assistant: Annalisa Angelozzi

Dop: Joe Douglas

Art Director: Xander Mitchell

Grade: Splice

Edit: Adam Bernet

Post-production: Tim Sanpher

Stylist: Nicola Burnage

Makeup and Hair: Yulia Yurchenko