Preview image for a video called First Love directed by Byron Quandary for HSBC

Dirty’s Byron Quandary and JWT collaborate for mobile-film ‘First Love’

Through the lens of a smart-phone we are immersed in a heartwarming love story between old high school friends that reconnect.

Once a slightly awkward teen, now a slightly less awkward man, our hero feeds off the energy and support of his friends to finally buck up the courage to ask his love interest out, and take them out on a date.

By taking an intimate view into the ongoings of our hero’s smart-phone, Byron Quandary created an uplifting and genuine story. From texts, to Whatsapp, Facebook, and Tinder, the audience get a front-row seat to the inner-workings of this man’s emotional journey and get a chance to fully absorb the key role friends and community play.

Client: HSBC

Agency: JWT London
Creative Director: Axel Chaldecott
Creatives: Neda Shedanlou & Gemma Folwer
Board Account Director: Aarti Kulkarni
Senior Account Manager: Alex Peacock
Deputy Head of Braodcast: Doug Wade
Production Assistant: Meghan Willcox

Production Company: Dirty Films
Director: Byron Quandary
Executive Producers: Alex Bedford & Ben Parkin
Producer: Mike Carr
Production Assistants: Michael Elvis Scanlon & Kristina Epenetos
Director of Photography: Deepa Keshvala
Art Director: Niall Trask
Editor: Byron Quandary
Sound Design: 750mph