Preview image for a video called Make It Better directed by Eli Sverdlov for LV=

LV= ‘Make It Better’

Dirty Films have collaborated with Designate to create an Eli Sverdlov-directed 30s TVC for LV=. Broadcast for the first time on Monday 4 th July, the ad notably aired during the half time break of the semi-final Wales vs Portugal match.

“Make It Better” takes a young family on a journey through a fantastical LV= building we quickly discover has the enchanting ability to mend broken cars.

As a result LV= are given a new, bold look that strengthens their status as a five-star rated customer service company that also has character.

We begin in mid-air. A hot air balloon transports a family in their damaged car across rolling green fields to a heart-shaped LV= building nestled in a hill. Once inside autonomous, friendly robots and mechanisms work together to pop out dents, spray-paint scratches and a polish the cars newly repaired surface. The family watch in amazement as they are led through a series of modern-retro mechanisms that whir and work away, fixing the bodywork of their car, before being led to the exit and back on to the road.

Filmed at the L’Hemispheric building in Valencia, and in Barcelona,shooting on location was vital to Eli, who has been keen to keep the film rooted in reality, marrying tangibility with elements of playful and whimsical character animation. Dirty commissioned Rushes to oversee and collaborate on all aspects of post-production.

From the big man himself…

“What drew me to the project was the playfulness of the script and the chance to get stuck in and create a distinct LV= world we’d all want to visit.

We shot on location, making use of the real light and reflections before collaborating with post-production who transported our shots into the magical world.

It was a pleasure working with the LV= team, and the guys at Designate, you can tell they have a strong working relationship which translated into a very enjoyable working environment.”

Production Company: Dirty Films
Director: Eli Sverdlov
Executive Producers: Alex Bedford & Ben Parkin
Producer: Ohna Falby
Director of Photography: Emanuel Kadosh
Production Designer: Turjeman Yaakov
Production Manager: Pinky Ghundale
Production Assistant: Apoa Blue
Runner: Samantha White

Client: LV=
Marketing Director: Guy Hedger
Managing Director: Selwyn Fernandes
Marketing Manager: Nick Whitnell
Marketing Executive: Sophie Jordan

Agency: Designate
TV Producer: Emma Johnston
Creative Director: Daniel Fagg
Art Director: Faye Carré
Group Account Director: Miriam Boote
Account Director: Becky Sheriff

Post Production: Rushes
Head of Production: Jules Pye
Head of CG: Andy McNamara
Head of Design: Barry Corcoran

Editing: Speade
Editor: Gareth McEwan

Sound: Grand Central Studios
Sound Designer: Ben Leeves