Preview image for a video called We Connect Storytellers directed by D I • A L for Sohonet

Dirty Films & The Croc reunite for sci-fi themed Sohonet film: “We Connect Storytellers”

Dirty Films reunite with London B2B agency The Croc to produce another ground-breaking cinematic film for the Sohonet product portfolio. This is the second chapter in the multi-awarded 2021 campaign Realise Your Vision series. Speaking directly to the industry-wide obsession with craft, its objective is to deliver powerful, branded content capable of capturing the imagination of the ones who’ve seen, done and made it all.

For Sohonet to break through in a market flooded with technical jargon we needed to engage filmmakers on their terms, reflecting the kind of high-end production values this audience respects. Opening on a desolate, post-apocalyptic wasteland that wouldn’t look out of place at the movies, the shot instantly draws you into the story. The intriguing character strikes a bond of empathy with the viewer. Placing Sohonet firmly at the heart of the production industry, the film explores how Sohonet’s holistic offering helps filmmakers at every stage of the production process. The action goes from on-set location to postproduction, and back again, showing how Sohonet makes every stage of a production seamless.


From directing duo D I • A L  (Alice Gatti & Diego Indraccolo):

“To plan and shoot a scene as if extrapolated from a longer Sci-fi movie has been a thrilling ride. At the same time, filming the “behind the scenes” and the “post-production workflow” as part of the same narrative has created this almost metaphysical loop in which we couldn’t help but feel part of the essence of what we were trying to capture. Thanks to Sohonet and The Croc for the trust and letting us bring our sci-fi vision to screen!”

Dirty Films co-founders and EP Ben Parkin had this to add:

“Dirty Films are proud to align with forward-thinking B2B agencies such as The Croc to deliver memorable, entertaining films with craft and grit. On the back of the award-winning “Realise Your Vision” campaign in 2021, we jumped in with The Croc and Sohonet once again and, just like our sci-fi hero this time around, emerged with the goods in the nick of time. We’re now on a hattrick and ready for more! Hats off to our stellar team for digging in and pulling this one off – and for D I • A L  for their creative problem-solving & continued radiance (even in sci-fi dystopia)”

Nick Watmough creative director of The Croc said:

“Thanks to the support of audacious clients like Sohonet, The Croc has been fighting against the humdrum of B2B for a while now. Featuring a flora-loving parkour master facing off against the end of the world, I think it’s safe to say with this film, the legacy continues.”



Production Company: Dirty Films

Director: D I • A L  (Alice Gatti & Diego Indraccolo)

Executive Producers: Ben Parkin & Alex Bedford

Producer: Ellis Fox

Production Manager: Peter Wilson

Production Assistant: Ella Scanlon

1st AD: Paolo De Battista

DOP: Diego Indraccolo

2nd Unit DOP: Robbie Bryant

1st AC: Deniz Yildiz

2nd AC: Deniz Ersoy

Steadicam: Alex Kryszkiewicz

Gaffer: Massimo Fillipi

Production Designer: Max Lincoln

Stylist: Lyla Cheng

HMU: Georgia Hope

Runner: Hammish McKerchar

Post-Production: Egg Post

Editor & Colour: John Holloway

VFX: Asad Naveed

Music and Audio Production: 19 Sound

VO Recording Studio: Noatune


Agency: The Croc

Creative Director: Nick Watmough

Copywriter: Fred Barber

Business Director: Katherine Simon

Project Manager: Charlotte Dawson


Sci-Fi Hero: Luke Aquilla

Director: Sarah-Maëva Cialec

Post-Production Artists: Vanessa Reynolds & John Holloway

Voice Over: Cara Steele