Preview image for a video called We Stayed Up All Night directed by Daniel Brereton for Tourist

Tourist ‘We Stayed Up All Night’

Daniel Brereton’s story of a teenage summer escapade for Tourist was shot in his home patch of Morecombe Bay and Lancaster. It’s about as sweet and sunny as that part of the world ever gets, encouraging this likeable quartet to make the most of it, all night long.

From the director, Daniel Brereton:

“This video is about that moment when you are experiencing lots of things for the first time, staying out late, drinking, smoking, freedom.

Sometimes it all happens within the space of one night and it’s difficult to take it all in. We shot it around areas I know really well, Morecambe Bay and Lancaster, near to where I grew up. It definitely had an effect on me, the place where I’m from, and its nice to show it in this video.”

Promo News, written by David Knight, 29th August 2017

Production Company: Dirty Films
Director: Daniel Brereton
Producer: Margot Douglas
1st AD: Tom Diffenthal
Director of Photography: Ruben Woodin-Dechamps
Focus Puller: Sean Beasley
2nd AC: Dima Kalenda
Art Director: Jill Wignall
Art Director: Lauren Paige Dowling
Wardrobe Jill Wignall
Hair & Make-up: Lauren Paige Dowling
Make-up: Jill Wignall
Editor: Daniel Brereton
Director’s Representation: Alexa Haywood at Free Agent
Commissioner: Ele Beattie
Label: Teamwork
Cast: Millie Aked, Finley Clifton, Barnaby Pearson, Eloise Heywood