Preview image for a video called Rich Bitch Juice Dumb Bitch Juice directed by Youth Hymns for Alice Longyu Gao

Youth Hymns gets Juicy with Alice Longyu Gao

Youth Hymns have created the latest EP cover artwork for musician Alice Longyu Gao and her tracks RICH BITCH JUICE and DUMB BITCH JUICE, produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs. Check out the time-lapse ‘making of’ to see how Youth Hymns applied their colourful style to the world of album artwork and design, from their signature work in music video, content and commercials.

Originally from China, now based in New York City, the artwork channels Alice Longyu Gao’s experience of different cultures, showcasing Mandarin, Japanese and English. Youth Hymn’s explored the tiresome perfect, fake-filter lifestyle look which resulted in ‘Rich Bitch Juice’ representing the super slick, shiny side… while in contrast ‘Dumb Bitch Juice’ explore a more rough, trashy and raw approach. Together they comprise two sides of a similar colourful and bold execution. 

Gao’s tracks and Youth Hymns’ artwork have been featured prominently across the media including features in Paper MagazineAOTYV MagazineStereogum and Nylon

You can listen to the tracks in full glory here.

For more of Youth Hymn’s work across music videos and content, check out their Dirty page here.