Preview image for a video called Facefixx directed by Youth Hymns for Nowness

Video and music making collective Youth Hymns sign to Dirty Films

Dirty Films are delighted to announce the signing of video and music making collective Youth Hymns to the roster.

Youth Hymns are proud ambassadors of a WTF, graphical, hyper-saturated and tactile style, creating their own gloriously raw and unique visual universe. Recent collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Nike, Nowness and Slaves have upped the anarchic ante.

They join the roster with clean hands and Dirty minds, looking for collaborations to get their mitts Dirty with. Welcome boys!

Please introduce yourselves, and explain to us how the 3 of your roles divide?

Jake’s the visual wizkid, geeking out behind both camera and screen. Johnny’s unorthodox thought process helps bring the off-the-wall YH style. Jolyon’s audio producer skills help finish the full Youth Hymns experience with sound design and music.

Talk to us about your directing style. How did you land upon your trademark colourful, playful style?

“Subtlety is the enemy of greatness”

This was our grandiose ethos from the very beginning, plus all three of us were diagnosed as colour blind this year, which may also explain a few things.

What and or who inspired you to becomes directors?

Stephen Spielberg came to us all in a dream one night and told us we’d never amount to anything. We only became directors to prove Spielberg wrong.

Talk to us about the Snoop video (and Nowness film).

Getting the weed filled grand piano for Snoop through customs was a challenge but this was a breeze compared to the post-production work on Nowness.

What’s your dream brief and why?

I think there’s mutual agreement that if Wotsits made a breakfast cereal, we’d shoot the shit out of that.

Which music video have you watched more than any other music video ever?

Earth Song – Michael Jackson. We often re-enact the video in the garden when it’s windy – ripping our shirts off and grabbing hold of two potted plants.

Which figure in history do you look up to in times of creative need?

We’re all huge Chris Cunningham fans, that guy is the total dog’s bollocks.

If Youth Hymns became Prime Minister for a day what would you do?

We’d get straight to work converting 10 Downing Street into a full-size replica of the set of Pat Sharp’s Fun House, complete with go kart track for the twins.

If Youth Hymns was an animal, what animal would you be?

We couldn’t agree on this so we’ve created this genetic anomaly instead: The body of a giraffe, tail of a peacock and head of a lamprey.

What would the 2018 Youth Hymns say to the 2028 Youth Hymns?

“Can I borrow a fiver?”

Tell us what makes you Dirty.

We’re dirty boys, with dirty minds and even dirtier underpants.

– – –

For production enquiries, please dial Dirty and ask for Alex.